What Excel Multiskernel Error Means

What Excel Multiskernel Error Means

If you have errors or problems in your Excel files, one of the most common errors that comes up is the multipiskernel error. This error typicallyonly shows up if you are trying to use the Office Clipboard when you try to copy a single worksheet to another worksheet, and the error normally occurs due to a flaw in the Excel file.

The multipiskernel.exe error occurs when Excel attempts to copy a single worksheet to a second worksheet while another worksheet with a different name is hidden. The usual formats for copying a worksheet are:

Copy the worksheet that you want to copy to another worksheet into a new worksheet, leaving the original worksheet intact. Open the workbook that you want to copy the sheet to, right-click on the worksheet tab you wish to copy the worksheet to, and then left-click on the Paste command button on the Clipboard group. Excel automatically places the copied worksheet in the same active sheet as the original, unless you change the settings.

The error message that gets displayed for this error is ” Beware of your data being changed into a different format when you copy/paste it.” This means that Excel happens upon the data and removes it from its previous form, before inserting or copying it into another document or workbook. This usually happens if the active sheet wasn’t properly copied to the clipboard. This error message also means that either the worksheet’s header or footer has changed in an Excel file. You can work around this by adjusting the header/footer in the spreadsheet as well as the file name. The header/footer can be accessed by scrolling down to the bottom of the worksheet from the title bar. From the header/footer, scroll to the bottom of the file name to see the file path of the active sheet. However, if the header/footer of the spreadsheet contains special characters, you’ll need to edit these special characters via the Paste Special command. This Paste Special command only allows you to edit the characters found in the paragraph tag, not the character right preceding it.

If you want to edit the formulas you’re pasting into the spreadsheet, we can use the Formula Edit command. Unlike the Paste Special command, this command allows us to edit formulas. To access this menu, we need to click on the command button that appears when the pointer is held down. The command button is the little flag that looks like an arrow in the corner of the toolbar.

F irst click on the menu icon, followed by choosing Insert from the menu list. The Insert menu will open at the top of the menu list.

Experiment with the menu options in the menu. Particularly, try finding a menu option that is matched to the exact position where your cursor is. You can also type the position-sensitive name of the menu item you want to edit. If you’re not used to using insert commands, try doing this exercise. You will quickly learn what each menu item does.

Try searching for a menu item that provides you a combination of changes. You can find combination menus by clicking on the menu name. The Pan_ resolving_icates can also be used to list all the Pans that exist in the workbook.

Are you using the Date, Time, or merged entries from the original_extract. Excel_extract can also yield duplicates. To avoid these surprises, be careful to only extract the entries that absolutely necessary.

Finally, and also very important, be sure that you are careful what you are saving into the file. When you click on theSave Asoption along the file tab, you are saving into the open workbook, not the actual file.approach file which opens with the name you gave to the workbook.

In the next part we will begin looking at the keyboard shortcuts for the new commands.

Excel keyboard shortcutsPart 1: Using the Office Assistant

IV. Making the most of the Excel Help System

The help system is fully capable of assisting us with the most common queries. Firstly it will guide you through specific examples of the everyday use of Excel. It will offer advice on:

The Help system is by no means overly complicated. The basics of help could be defined as:

The system as a whole can be further refine or complicated by providing examples or specific solutions to each topic.As the need for help software products arise it is advisable to download trial versions to test the full range of functions for which the product is intended. It can be of greater benefit to download a test version and work out which one is best suited for you.

Be aware that the download process can (in some instances) take hours depending on the complexity of the problem and also the frequency with which you need help.

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