Moviebox Pro Download Update for 2021

MovieBox Pro is an instant video streaming service mainly designed for mobile web and application. The application is developed as a fork of Showbox, which allowed users to watch unlimited shows and movies on a mobile device or the MovieBox Pro Mobile Application. The application can be used for Mac OS X, Windows Phone and Android devices. In fact, with the help of the MovieBox Pro, users are able to watch their favourite videos anywhere they want.

To watch a movie directly from the MovieBox application, you just need an internet connection. Then select your favourite movies or TV shows from your library on your device and start watching! To watch these movies on your desktop PC or laptop you need an internet connection as well. However, the moviebox pro version comes with an offline feature, which enables you to watch movies and TV shows offline by just purchasing or downloading the movie from the MovieBox store.

Offline feature in the moviebox pro version allows the user data to be backed up on Google storage server. Hence, the user data remains safe even if the user switches over to another service provider like google play or apple ipod touch etc. The movie box subscription fee is not applicable on this offline feature. Thus, the MoviePro application serves as a one-time movie rental and also helps in saving the user data for future references.

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