How to Install Game Guardian for iPhone iOS

In this article I will show you how to download the famous game guardian app for iOS! It’s a great app that launched on Android but allows you to access the core files of the games or apps you are wanting to change. Now you are able to change ANY code or aspect of the game, including coins, gems & even the speed of your character! Whatever you want to change, you can with game guardian. Now that you are intrigued, how do we go about download it on iOS?

iOS Guide

Yes so there is no official iOS version however someone has modded the app to work on iOS and it is currently working without a jailbreak. Let me show you the video where I found the guy showing how to install it:

As you can see by watching the video he has game guardian on iOS running and installed. He visits the website in the website, and installs it. It should take roughly 5 minutes for the app to install onto your phone.


Check to see if your background app refresh is turned on your phone, this is a default settings for Apple products so it should be on.

Check to see your phone is connected to WiFi, you need to download the app from the website.



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