How to Change your Voice on iPhone and Android (Free Voice Changer for Mobile)

If you are looking to make an impact on people’s lives by changing their voice, then voice changer for iPhone is a must-have. If you want to know more about how this technology works, then you may read this article. Voice changer for iPhone is a special application that allows people with normal voice to talk over any voice on the phone. It allows the user to speak and then the speakerphone in the mobile phone converts voice to text in a very fast process.

In this technological advancement, there is an easier way of making voice calls. Imagine chatting with your friend while he is standing in the far corner of a room, and the both of you do not have Internet access. You can just use a voice changer for iPhone and make his voice heard wherever and whenever you want. The words that you utter will not be interpreted by the telephone company. Instead it will be converted into text messages that the other person can read on his cell phone.

Though it has been launched initially for corporate use, the voice changer for iPhone is now available for all to purchase on online stores. As the name of this product implies, it alters the pitch variation of voice. This allows a user to alter voice pitch according to the situation and the purpose.

A voice changer for iPhone has two kinds of features that help it accomplish its task; text and sound effects. A text to voice changer for iPhone can change voice pitch in response to spoken words, so that the speaker can hear the spoken word clearly, but without the change in pitch. Hence, a casual speaker would hear the sentence: My brother wants to see you. And then morphvox will transform the voice pitch accordingly, into a deep voice and deliver a strong verdict, as if he is talking to you: Brother! morphvox.

A voice changer for iPhone app is also supported by two popular effects. One is called morphsuit which is animated, and the other is called iOffensive which is a one-touch operation. The animated effect is done through a custom-designed iPhone application that uses the Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) to style the appearance of the text. A single tap will dismiss the application. The text itself changes in appearance as you move your finger along the screen.

There are many free voice changer for iPhone apps available in the market, but most of them are not very good. Most of the free voice changer for iPhone apps are supported by adware or spyware. As a result, you end up spending lots of money to get rid of them. But when you are paying a reasonable price for a professional voice changer for iPhone app, you can rest assured of getting high quality sounds produced by professionals. You just need to be careful while choosing a service provider.

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