Carbridge Install Guide for iOS 15 & Android Devices

Carbridge is an application which allows you to view most of the latest iPhone apps on CarPlay without having to use a cellular phone to do so. You can also use your standard mobile phone to surf the internet, watch movies, and even use your favourite social networking sites in your car via Car Bridges. In addition, you can even adjust the volume directly from the steering wheel using this application. This is made possible with the help of an infrared scanner which is present in the car.


Now, the question comes how exactly can one tweak this application? Well, to begin with, one must jailbreak the iPhone or iPad as there are no ios versions of this app which work without these devices. Jailbreaking enables one to utilize applications such as Carbridge which reside on the cellular memory. To jailbreak, one has to pay attention to the filesize of the jailbreak application. A file size of less than 5MB generally indicates that it is jailbroken. However, this should not pose any problem for most of the jailbreak testers and users.

Furthermore, to enable the application to work via jailbreak, one must install the update driver via Cydia. This is done by searching for the name “Cydia” in the app and then clicking on ” Install “. Finally, launch the app and allow it to detect all the required files and then click on the “Open” button to download these into the device. Thus, we see that in order to jailbreak ios 14, one has to use two ways.

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