Auto Swiper App for iPhones iOS & Androids Download Tutorial

Hey guys what’s going on today I wanted to show you guys how to get an auto swiper app for iPhone and Android devices. This app is going to be completely free to download and able to automatically swipe on any apps such as Tinder,Instagram ¬†and bumble all for free. This app will take around 2 minutes to download and there’s some quite a lot of configurate if settings you can choose which also means you can choose which direction the swiper works in so if you want to swipe on Tinder you can all you want to swipe on Instagram and a downwards motion you can as well! to get into the video I highly recommend you watch this video below are you tuber named Maps has fully explained how to download the auto swiper for your iPhone or Android: Auto Swiper iOS Video below:

As you can see he just uploaded the video and it’s super easy to do you just simply head to the website type in auto swiper and then select it. It will then begin to install to your phone and then you’ll be all good to go now you will have to download two extra apps to complete the download from the website to in order to get the auto swiper app to your phone for free.

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